Hello and welcome to our website. Here  we we provide you the best information and tips about general things that can include information about fishing, construction, dating and even  dermatology. We have professionals that we recommend, that provide us with the best information and we choose only from the best.

We have information on DIY activities that you can take part in. Some of these include learning about rope tying so you know what to do when your’e out in the bush or lost on a boat somewhere.Thank us later when you are marooned on the next titanic.


On this blog we also offer advice on what to do when it comes to dating, and what we have seen to be somewhat effective when it comes to that kinda thing and we will not just rehash the useless dribble that you hear being repeated in movies and popular pop-songs on a regular basis. Real life is NOT disney.

W can also offer advice on installation work and where to get the best advice and such. This can save you time in your day to day life and free up space so that you can get to the important things and simply get to enjoying yourself. Sometimes it never hurts to admit when you are wrong and or fucking up.